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APS is incorporated since 2011 to provide a new level of service to customers requiring exceptional reliability and dependability for their reserve power solutions.

Our range of stationary batteries, auxiliary equipment and services are focused on delivering the total needs of our customers across a broad range of industries including Data Center / IT Server Rooms, Telecommunications, Power Utilities, Manufacturing, Fire & Security Alarm, Petrochemical facilities and Renewable Energies.

APS management believe that the reserve power needs of these industries require more than just the supply of products through established sales channels.
APS we believe that our 'customers needs' are somewhat different.

APS is focused on developing partnerships with major companies to provide a complete solution-focused experience that solves their reserve power needs. 

We are proud to offer our customers and partners an End-to-End solution:

  • Consultancy, Solution concept-design, Technical expertise and Specification development

  • Pre-engineering and Solution dimensioning

  • Delivery & Supply of Reserve power products and Auxiliary testing equipment and Measuring Devices.

  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning and Post Sales Preventive Maintenance Services

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